2 responses to “The Fearless Cook blogs on How (not) to read a recipe

  1. Thank you for this blog. I have been browsing it and found several new foods to try. I think since you portrayed the how-to on them, my fear will be manageable when I try them. I am especially eager to try the artichoke hearts. I will also try adding more garlic to my meals. This winter, here in Northern Virginia, I have mainly done big Crock Pot meals and soups.Now that warmer weather is here, what with it going to 30 degrees some days, I will want to cook lighter. I love cooking in the morning and forgetting my dinner until time to eat, however. I’m not a huge fan of cooking in the evening when I’m tired or busy. Do you have any suggestions other than the Crock Pot?

    • Well thanks for stopping by. I am no expert and I am out of commission in my kitchen with cooking for awhile. Last night I made chicken legs in a BBQ sauce with some cayenne pepper in it to spice it up-baked in the overn. As a side oven roasted fingerling potatoes with rosemary and olive oil, salt and pepper. I like simple and I like Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa is a basics type of chef/cook.

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