Hello my name is Patty, I’m a candy addict

It’s the middle of the afternoon, I just finished lunch. The gum I’m chewing just isn’t cutting it. I scrounge around my desk drawer, then my purse. I’m looking for a lost M&M or Smartie that may have dropped out. But alas, the mining expedition came up dry.  I chew a new piece of gum to keep the taste buds happy. Running to the vending machine will waste time. Get on with it, get back to work.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Valentine’s day and I’m still thinking about candy. There are four holiday events during the year when the candy has themes and is overflowing entire aisles devoted to: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. From October to April it is candy, candy, candy. It’s one holiday rollng into another and the candy is plentiful.

At my Weight Watchers meeting, the leader admitted she was a sugar-holic. She described how she was told that the only way to get over her addiction was to go to the candy aisle and confront the sugar. She failed miserably because she left purchasing bags of candy. Going near the candy aisle was the equivolent of being an alcoholic, you can’t have just one Snicker bar.

I’ll admit I never thought too much about candy until it was always around. I have a friend at work who will slide me a bag of sour gummies or Willy Wonka Nerds. I guess that is how any addiction starts; it is a socially acceptable introduction. It breaks up the monotony of the workday. Everyone is doing it.

Most people need to watch what they eat and I am one of them. I can’t eat on a unlimited basis because it takes me down a spiral of unhealthiness. Being overweight took a toll on my ego many years ago. I climbed out of that hole but, it is a day-to-day challenge. It takes a great deal of discipline from deep down inside me to temper the cravings. 

There is something about that sugar rush on my tongue. It’s like a party in my mouth. I become unconscious. And then I get sick. Why did I eat that?

My name is Patty and I’m a candy addict.

4 responses to “Hello my name is Patty, I’m a candy addict

  1. Me too! I LOVE Smarties. I can’t eat one roll…one roll leads to 10. SweetTarts, Butterfingers, Twix, licorice, you name, I love it (except candies with nuts. I can resist those.)

    Chocolate is a big problem for me. Right now, I’m addicted to these evil (yummy) pomegranite pieces covered in dark chocolate. I’m finding that I don’t do moderation very well.

    Good luck resisting temptation, Patty!

    • My daughter and I were at Harry and David at an outlet mall on Saturday. Those chocolate covered pomegranite pieces melted all over my hand. I guess I should learn my lesson from that!

  2. Oh! I’m the same way! I was excited to find a lindt chocolate bar in my cupboard this morning and it didn’t last long…I can’t have it in the house! It’s dangerous! The same goes for chips, gummies, and twizzlers. I can’t stop at one….

    Don’t even get me started about Harry and David. Fortunately, for me they are an Amercian chain and I can only indulge in the store on vacation 🙂

  3. okay yesterday my crown came loose from one chew into a Tootsie roll. Today I got some more chewy things as a gift from my candy supplier at work. I had to chew it on the opposite side of my mouth as the crown glue has to set for 24 hours. That is sad eh?
    Harry and David is dangerous

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