Loud and Proud

My family thinks I ‘m a P.I.T.A.  

My whole life I have been loud and bossy. My father, sister and brothers have all shushed me. You know “Sssssshhhhhhh!” Now people outside my family think I’m annoying. Co-workers have shsssssushed me. My mother never shushed me; she was just as loud as I was.

I have been described as: bossy; nag; impulsive; impatient; I interrupt others; I talk too loud; I sing too loud.

Okay yes. I do all of those things. I’ve probably had ADD my entire life. People with ADD have all of these traits. What makes it all worse are hormones. Hormones are like throwing gasoline on a fire. Well now I am menopausal. For me this is now a permanent condition, instead of perimenopause which is a state of working on menopause. I have a low-level of hormones. So I should be calmer now that the hot flashes are few and far between? One co-worker said I was less irritable now that I am menopausal. Easier to work with the estrogen level on empty. Hhmmmm, gee thanks.

Now if you talk to my family, they would say that I am not calmer. They still think I’m cantankerous. My husband said that I force him to look at the world differently through my persistent behaviors. Wow I guess that was a complement. But then in the next breath he is shushing me. He us taking over as chief shusher from my dad. 

I am a health care provider. I don’t beat around the bush with my patients. I tell them the truth even though it is hard to hear. Most of them thank me for my honesty and for being persistent in advocating for their health and well-being.  When I take those traits home to my family they tell me to be quiet. I’m still a P.I.T.A.

8 responses to “Loud and Proud

  1. Hey, I like the new look here. (It’s always fun to change themes and move things around a bit, isn’t it?)

    You’re not a P.I.T.A; your family just can’t appreciate your honesty 🙂

  2. I have a couple of friends that are loud. I think some of it has finally rubbed off on me, although I tried very hard not to let it happen, because I don’t like loud women. My teenage children are forever telling me I’m “too loud.” I just try to tell them I’ve earned it. There are just sometimes when you have to be loud. Life, motherhood, divorce, menopause, whatever…it all makes you loud!

  3. I’m known to some family members as “too opinionated.” These are the same family members who follow trends so they don’t have to bother to come up with opinions of their own. That makes it easier for me to “consider the source.” 😉
    If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being told I need to be less opinionated, so that other people will like me. I’m really not sure those are the people I want to impress! -Jen

  4. A year ago I decided I needed new friends. I had to be around the “old friends” recently this past week. They are more loud and opinionated than I and think they are so funny. I heard the same story five times “my friend” told to five different people in front of me for the past two days. If I had done that she’d have made fun of me.

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