I used to be funny before teenagers and menopause drove it out of me. So now this is my beat because I am a beat (family name). It is my unique view of the world in the prime of my life.

I am also the Fearless Cook. Check out The Fearless Cooking Club blog at http://pattyabrdotcom.wordpress.com.  A group of my friends meet once a month to cook recipes and teach each other foods never made before. We are overcoming our fears one month at a time. Launching into the world of good cooking is a leap of faith.  We will take suggestions from readers on what they are scared of cooking in the kitchen. Send me a message anytime!

I’m the peaNUT BUTher in the sandwich generation caring for college aged kids and aging parents. Funny thing is neither of them want me to tell them what to do but still want my help!

I’ve been a caregiver since birth. So naturally I am in the medical/nursing field. My occupation is a health care provider for a medically complicated population. After working all day I escape into cooking, knitting, sewing, writing, organizing stuff, singing, playing piano, and drinking margaritas. Not in any particular order.

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